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Wonder Prestige

At Deva Med Spa, we're thrilled to present the Wonder Prestige, a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of body contouring. This stands as the first and only device that synergizes electromagnetic and neuromuscular technologies, setting a new benchmark in aesthetic treatments.


The Pinnacle of Body Sculpting Technology at Deva Med Spa

This treatment revolutionizes body sculpting with its ability to produce an astounding 60,000 muscle contractions, reaching an unprecedented depth of 20 cm. This powerful technology acts simultaneously on multiple key body areas, including the legs, glutes, adductors, abdomen, obliques, and arms. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a transformation.

This unparalleled depth and breadth of muscle activation mean the Wonder Prestige can effectively sculpt and tone your body with greater efficiency than ever before. Whether you’re looking to enhance the definition of your abdomen, lift and shape your glutes, or tone your arms and legs, the Wonder Prestige offers a comprehensive solution.

At Deva Med Spa, our skilled professionals are adept at harnessing the power of the Wonder Prestige to tailor treatments to your specific goals. Each session with the Wonder Prestige is a step towards realizing your ideal physique – achieving a level of toning and sculpting that was once only a dream.

Experience the future of body contouring with the Wonder Prestige at Deva Med Spa. Embrace the chance to transform your body with the most advanced technology available, and discover the remarkable results that come with the first and only electromagnetic and neuromuscular body sculpting device.

Electromagnetic neuron stimulation with Wonder

The Wonder Prestige, a cutting-edge device for electromagnetic muscle-neuron stimulation. Experience 52,000 muscle contractions across all muscle groups in just a 25-minute session – equivalent to hours of rigorous fitness training without the risk of injury.

Ideal for:

  • Sculpting and defining major muscle groups, catering to both active and non-active individuals.
  • Maintaining muscle tone, recovering volume post-injuries, and pre-and post-surgical procedures with limited mobility.
  • Pelvic floor restoration.

Benefits include:

  • Fat burning and muscle mass increase.
  • Enhanced metabolism, actively burning calories and altering the body’s energy priorities.
  • Improved blood circulation, widening blood vessels for increased oxygen and nutrient supply to cells.
  • Skin tightening and texture improvement.

Deva Med Spa brings you this advanced technology for optimal results in muscle stimulation, fat reduction, and overall well-being.

wonder prestige

Dependable metrics

You Can Always Rely On

To ensure comprehensive oversight, we’ve introduced our proprietary system to precisely measure calories expended during the WONDER session. The tracking laboratory sensors, powered by advanced algorithms, furnish comprehensive data for your treatment: heart rate, caloric expenditure, and percentage of completed physical exercise. Moreover, it facilitates monitoring user attendance and device utilization history. Continually empowering you!


Get in touch with us and get to know the most powerful technology in the world to build muscle and burn fat.

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