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Lip Flip with Botox at Deva Med Spa – Achieve a Perfectly Pouty Smile

Client receiving Botox lip flip treatment at Deva Med Spa in Vancouver


Achieving fuller, more defined lips is a common beauty goal for many women. While dermal fillers are a popular option, the Botox lip flip is an increasingly sought-after treatment that enhances the lips with minimal downtime and a natural look. At Deva Med Spa in Vancouver, BC, we are proud to offer this innovative treatment to help you achieve the perfect pout.

Meet Emily: Her Journey to a Perfect Pout

Meet Emily, a 28-year-old graphic designer who loves experimenting with makeup and staying on top of the latest beauty trends. Despite her efforts, Emily felt that her lips lacked the fullness and definition she desired. Seeking a subtle enhancement, Emily decided to explore the Botox lip flip at Deva Med Spa.

Understanding the Lip Flip

The lip flip is a non-surgical procedure that uses Botox to create the appearance of fuller lips. By injecting Botox into the orbicularis oris muscle, which encircles the mouth, the top lip is subtly “flipped” outward, enhancing its shape and giving the illusion of increased volume without adding actual volume.

How the Lip Flip Works

Botox works by temporarily relaxing the muscles it’s injected into. For a lip flip, Botox is strategically injected into the upper lip’s border, causing the muscle to relax and the lip to roll slightly outward. This creates a more defined and fuller-looking upper lip.

Emily’s Experience at Deva Med Spa

At Deva Med Spa, we ensure a comfortable and professional experience for all our clients. Here’s how Emily’s lip flip treatment unfolded:

Consultation: Emily’s journey began with a thorough consultation with one of our qualified medical professionals. During this session, we assessed her concerns, medical history, and treatment goals. Emily appreciated the personalized attention and felt confident in the plan we developed together.

Preparation: On the day of the treatment, we cleaned and prepared the treatment area. A topical anesthetic was applied to minimize any discomfort during the procedure, ensuring Emily felt at ease.

Injection: Botox was carefully injected into the upper lip’s border using a fine needle. The precise number of injections was determined based on Emily’s desired outcome and the natural shape of her lips.

Post-Treatment: After the injections, Emily experienced minimal downtime. She was able to resume her normal activities immediately, although we advised her to avoid strenuous exercise and excessive lip movement for a day.

Results and Longevity

Within a few days, Emily noticed a subtle yet noticeable enhancement in her upper lip’s shape. The lip flip gave her the fuller, more defined look she desired without the need for fillers. The full results appeared within one to two weeks, and Emily was thrilled with the natural-looking outcome. The benefits of a lip flip can last between two to three months, and Emily planned to return for repeat treatments to maintain her enhanced pout.

Enhancing Your Lip Flip with Dermal Fillers

While the lip flip offers a subtle and natural enhancement, it can be further enhanced with the addition of dermal fillers. Combining the lip flip with lip fillers can provide more volume and definition, achieving a more dramatic and long-lasting result. For those seeking a comprehensive lip enhancement, this combination is ideal. You can read more about our lip filler treatments in our detailed blog post.

Benefits of the Lip Flip

Natural-Looking Enhancement: The lip flip offers a subtle enhancement, creating a fuller and more defined upper lip without adding volume.

Quick and Convenient: The treatment is quick, often completed within 15 minutes, and involves minimal discomfort and downtime.

Non-Surgical Solution: The lip flip provides an alternative to more invasive procedures, offering effective results with minimal risk.

Cost-Effective: Compared to dermal fillers, the lip flip is often more affordable while still delivering noticeable improvements.

Why Choose Deva Med Spa in Vancouver, BC?

Deva Med Spa is committed to offering exceptional care and personalized treatment plans. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that you receive the best possible care tailored to your specific needs. When you choose Deva Med Spa for your lip flip, you can expect:

Experienced Practitioners: Our practitioners are recognized non-surgical aesthetic trainers with over 50 years of experience in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Comprehensive Care: We offer a holistic approach to your aesthetic and wellness needs, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and attention.

State-of-the-Art Facility: Our spa is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

Is a Lip Flip Right for You?

If you, like Emily, are looking for a subtle enhancement to your lips without the commitment of fillers, a lip flip could be an excellent option. It’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine if this treatment is suitable for your specific situation.


The Botox lip flip offers a reliable and effective solution for achieving fuller, more defined lips with a natural look. With its ability to enhance appearance and boost confidence, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to this treatment. If you’re ready to achieve the perfect pout with a lip flip, schedule a consultation with Deva Med Spa in Vancouver, BC, to explore how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

By understanding the benefits and process of the Botox lip flip, you can make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you. Say goodbye to thin, undefined lips and embrace a more confident, beautiful smile with the help of Deva Med Spa.

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